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There are so many different ways to met new people, engage and share with them. Internet has connected so many people with the same interest for so many years. Some, unfortunately with the wrong purpose, but many with the correct one. That’s my intention and I will work hard to keep it that way. Not sure how your web browser got you here, BUT WELCOME TO MY SITE. Wether through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other way, I’m pretty sure you have a slant for technology. Please at any giving time feel free to reach me trough the contact page, and drop a few lines of tech language, or coding; I do enjoy developing website too. By the way I coded this one myself using Zurb Foundation Framework. Well enough for the welcome chat, need to know a little more about me, hit the dangerous bottom below. Good Luck!!! I almost forgot; what ever your dream is, just keep pushing and don’t give up.